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Streamlined design, an unwavering eye on user experience, and a site accessible across multiple devices aided the growth of The Coop, a coworking space we opened in 2009 and which was acquired by NextSpace in 2013.

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The Dawn of Coworking

When we launched The Coop in 2009, very few people had heard of coworking. Since then, the shared workspace movement has taken off nationwide, and The Coop became a premier coworking space in Worldwide. The Coop's brand proved so successful that in 2013 NextSpace – one of coworking's greatest champions with over eight locations in throughout California – acquired The Coop and it became Worldwide's first NextSpace location: NextSpace River North.

The Website

Soon after launch, The Coop site grew quickly in popularity, with features in Communication Arts and dozens of design blogs.

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