Small Town Brewery

Mega plans for a microbrew

When Small Town Brewery’s signature ale, Not Your Father’s Root Beer, began to gain a cult following, they knew they were onto something big.

Our Challenge

How do you nurture the authentic story of a local midwestern microbrewery as it scales to serve a national audience, while simultaneously growing a devoted army of loyalists thirsty for its most popular product?

With our help, Small Town Brewery tapped into the power of its cult following through a robust social media strategy, building a nation-wide community and increasing overall brand awareness without alienating the core, grassroots fanbase that supported the brand from day one.

Small Town Brewery needed to focus on what they do best: brew beer. Leave the communication strategy to One Design.

Knowing our Audience

First step, pinpoint Small Town’s ideal audience online. Who would the most likely demographic to grow brand awareness through social media be? Millennials.

Millennials make up over 84% of the craft beer market—the ideal group. Nearly all millennials are open to trying new beers as opposed to sticking to a single brand, making them the perfect group to help Small Town break through.

Once we understood who we were speaking to, it was time to shift gears and develop a strategy.

Creating Brand Ambassadors

We know Millennials value experiences

This drove our strategic decision to limit the supply of Not Your Father’s Root Beer, so the journey to find a rare brew became a fundamental part of the Small Town Brewery identity. And you know what happens when millennials think they’re doing something cool? They put it on social media.

We know Millennials value authenticity

We geared our strategy towards providing fantastic customer service, consistent community management, and gobs of user generated content. This way our fans had an opportunity to become integral parts of the Small Town Brewery community rather than another passive supporter.

Taking it to the street


We crafted a social media communications strategy for Small Town that leveraged their incredible, authentic story; user-generated content; and customer service while conveying small batch exclusivity both online and in store. Our work helped Small Town retain it’s reputation as an honest and consistent brand while it grew to serve an audience at a national level, representing an authentic success story from America’s Heartland.


Draw fans into the detailed brewing process while supporting an authentic lifestyle brand.


Foster the cult culture of NYFRB while building a supportive community around upcoming events, promotions, and the general brand story.


Respond to product praise and customer questions while promoting timely content, event updates and launch news.

The proof is in the data

Our relationship with Small Town brewery continues to this day. As we reflect back on what we’ve accomplished, the results of our first 8 months of engagement have our team pretty excited.

As of July 2015, Not Your Father’s Root Beer was the fastest growing craft beer in the nation, grossing over $8m in sales.

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